Even if they try to keep us silent, the echoing voices of the citizenry will prevail. The power of the freeing information will scatter, no matter how hushed up we get to be.

(Layout by Joear Berdon, Graphic Art by KaeLanie Rae Esquerra)

It is sickening that some people think that they have the right over someone else’s body.


Photo by CBCP News
Photo by CBCP News

Vengeance cannot disguise as justice, and it is by no means the answer.


(Photo by CBCP News)

Not even the whitest sand can obscure the reality that the beautification project of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is an aesthetic façade nor can the crushed dolomites from Cebu embellish the dirty footprints ingrained in Manila Bay.

Carl Angelo Cagatin

A campus journalist, writer, and a poet. 16 years of age.

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